Cytespace Laboratories

We are a clinical research Solutions Organization, based in Pretoria, for global biopharmaceutical sponsors to optimize drug development. We have a full service clinical central laboratory with a broad range of capabilities.


Who we are?

Cytespace is an independent & privately owned pathology research laboratory.  Our organization is a Clinical Research Site Solution for global biopharmaceutical sponsors to optimize drug development. Cytespace Laboratories Africa has a facility in Pretoria, South Africa which was established in 1999.  We are a  full service clinical central laboratory with a broad range of capabilities which meets global requirements while offering and delivering tailored regional Sub-Saharan Africa solutions. The Cytespace Laboratory covers a broad range of testing methodologies across various disciplines. These disciplines include chemistry, haematology, microbiology, immunology, molecular and flow cytometry.

In addition, we have developed specialized capabilities to support infectious disease studies, including offering a full array of testing specifically in support of tuberculosis studies.  We are one of the few TB testing facilities in the country that can offer the full array of testing within one facility, reducing the need to ship samples to different destinations.  We see ourselves as a “on-stop-shop” for TB testing.  In addition to our analytical testing services, we also have a kit building facility providing clinical trial materials to support the collection and shipment of samples to our facility.

Our Story

Cytespace have acquired the Q² Solutions facility on 22 November 2019. We have had a long-standing operation in SA. Our laboratory is the First College of American Pathologist (CAP) accredited laboratory in Africa and remains the only fully CAP accredited facility in South Africa.

We are prized for our:
  • Quality and customer service

  • Robust quality management system

  • Strong knowledge within the clinical trial industry

  • Vast experience in customer audits

  • Highly skilled and experienced team

Cytespace Africa

Deploying best-in-class laboratory solutions that deliver efficient, high quality, auditable and standardized laboratory services.

What We Offer

A Wide Range of Scientific Methodologies:


  • Automated Chemistry/ Urinalysis: Measurement of different chemicals and other characteristics in biological samples, including urine
  • Haematology/Coagulation: Laboratory evaluation of the body’s ability to control blood clotting
  • Flow Cytometry: Analytical cell-biology technique that utilizes light to count and profile cells in a heterogeneous fluid sample
  • Immunoassay: Assay to determine the presence of an antibody in a blood or fluid sample
  • Microbiology: Test methods to determine the presence of microbes within various sample types
  • Molecular Testing: Test methods used to determine the presence of a pathogen’s DNA within a sample.
  • Extensive Tuberculosis Capabilities:  Specialized facility, testing, and processes to fully support TB testing.
Cytespace Laboratories