Clinical Trial Lab

Full-service laboratory with speciality tuberculosis testing capability.

This lab was established in 1999 and is a full-service lab offering all testing disciplines in chemistry, haematology etc. In total, we have two Biosafety Level 3 TB labs with a full redundancy State of the art Building Management system (BMS). The lab is College of America (CAP) -accredited, and has the following capabilities:

  •  Pre-analytical (Sample accessioning)
  • Analytical (Safety and Esoteric)
  • Specimen Management and Storage (Ambient & Frozen)
  • Clinic supplies (Kit building)
  • Logistics Support

These end-to-end, services are tailored to meet the complexities of providing clinical trial sites support in Sub-Saharan Africa and are set up to help ensure timely turn-around of testing and result reporting, safe handling and transport of samples, and best-in-class project support.

A Full Array of Research-based TB Testing Capabilities

Our facility and processes are designed to ensure the safety of our staff, your samples, and the environment to help improve your probability of success in TB trials. We know the needs of your studies vary by protocol, and we provide study-specific assay set up and development. By performing all TB assays, both phenotypic and genotypic, in the same location, we’re able to reduce the amount of sample transport required.

Key Services

  • Smear – conventional ZN and Fluorescent staining
  • Culture, Identification, and Susceptibility (1st and 2nd line) – BD MGIT™ system as well as on LJ medium
  • HAINs assays – Genotypic drug resistance (GenoType® MTBDRplus/ GenoType® MTBDR-sl ) and Speciation (GenoType® Mycobacterium CM/AS test)
  • GeneXpert® system
  • QuantiFERON® – TB Gold plus test
  • Advanced immunological assays, e.g., ELISPOT
  • MIC determination and New drug susceptibility
  • We work with clients to specifically setup assays aligned to their specific clinical trial requirements and expected outcomes.